When Sima Dahl, America’s Personal Branding Champion™, chose me to photograph her, I was honored to help this dynamic personality and extremely talented marketing guru take her business to the next level!


We talked about her branding needs and what her ultimate goal for imaging might be. With my experience in the fahsion/beauty industry I knew the value of a professional makeup artist and Sima agreed. We formulated our plan, photographed her and I presented her with a great selection of images.


After the first photo of her was published and her speaking engagements grew, Sima said everyone asked her about her headshot and wanted to know who photographed her. She asked me if I would be interested in partnering with her to help the growing need of people in search of branding themselves on LinkedIn and other social and print platforms. My fees for a single portrait/headshot are much higher than what the average person is willing to spend. So Sima and I came up with a plan to make it affordable and still be able to produce a quality image, showing the personality of the subject and an easy way to receive your processed, retouched images. Sima's  persistent paid off and we made a deal that if she handled the marketing and scheduling I would handle the photography.


For 9 years, at least twice each year we've photographed and provided thousands of the nations most interesting people with quality images. From corporate presidents to construction workers, from pilates instructors to lawyers, from teachers to bank presidents and celebrities we've photographed people in just about every profession of life to help them reach their goals with imagery. 


My studio in Chicago has been home to most of our Headshot events but with requests to hold an event in the suburbs we decided to bring it to the people by setting up shop at the studio in Helix Camera and Video in Itasca on July 21.


I'm still excited to meet and photograph you, your friends or anyone interested needing to take their images to the next level!

To find out more details and book an appointment click Sima Dahl Headshot Days! 

Read what happy happy people have said about their photos!

"Being photographed is right up there with jury duty and a root canal in my book. But it was a whole different experience with Audia. He made it so easy to relax that the shoot was actually fun. And the result was a photo I’m proud to share with the world."


Catherine Johns, Professional Speaker & Communication Coach

"Many first impressions are digital which makes a high quality professional portrait vital to  beginning a visual relationship. Audia's professionalism and talent delivered a portrait that is perfect for any digital platform or printed material."


Tony Karman, President/Director, EXPO CHICAGO

"Audia made me feel comfortable with in seconds of meeting him. We had a genuine conversation during which time he captured , what I consider to be, my true personality. He is a professional and one of the best in his field. I highly recommend him."


Ahsan Karim, Pharmacy Liaison, Learning Specialist

"In the age of social media, your headshot is critically important. It shouldn't just capture your appearance; it should convey your energy, your personality--your unique spark of authenticity. Paul is a master at creating the optimal conditions, from lighting to camera techniques to a  comfortable, trusting environment, that brings out the very best in everyone he shoots."


Celia Jones, Brand Director, The Escape Pod